B/S brace Classic

For unproblematic use

The B/S brace Classic has been a proven and successful therapy concept for over three decades.

Characteristic of the B/S Classic brace

  • Optimum fit
  • Fastening in seconds
  • Secure, firm fit
  • To be used with freely accessible nail fold!

Points to note before treatment with the patient

The B/S brace must not be applied to diseased nails, e.g. fungal disease, psoriasis, onycholysis etc.

The application of the B/S Classic brace. It's that easy with our instruction. Further questions? To the FAQ!

Points to note before treatment

The B/S brace must not be applied to diseased nails, e.g. fungal disease, psoriasis, onycholysis etc.

  • no footbaths
  • no disinfectants
  • no application of oils or lotions
  • no nail polish remover
  • no wet grinding!

The nail can be cleaned with 96 percent alcohol (ethanol). 

The braces for nail correction can be applied without any special preparation and within a short time. In technical terms, we call this 'applying' or 'the application'!

B/S braces are usually applied as part of professional foot care.

6. Applying the B/S glue

Place a drop of B/S glue in the centre of the roughened side of the selected brace. The brace must then be lightly pressed "in the centre of the nail" for about 10 seconds. This central fixation is followed by the two sides. Use the non-slip part of the steel applicator to press on both ends of the B/S brace one after the other for about 10 seconds.

Useful information: Before each reapplication and before the final treatment, it is best to use straight nail pliers to remove the B/S brace. Place the pliers at one end "between brace and nail". This allows you to simply break the bond and carefully remove the BS brace from the nail. B/S brace therapy usually takes several months to achieve the desired end result. We recommend replacing the B/S brace every 4 to 6 weeks during the therapy.

Video training

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BS Spange Classic

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BS Spange Classic

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BS Spange Classic